Dodgers Joc Pederson drops extremely loud F-bombs in fan-less stadium for whole world to hear – SF Gate

Prior to professional sports leagues resuming without fans and crowd noise amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some floated the idea of televising games on a tape delay to give TV networks the ability to briefly cut the audio on any bad language blurted out by players.

On Thursday night, Los Angels Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson demonstrated just how easily previously unheard expletives can be picked up in a stadium without fans.

After hitting a ball toward first base at the bottom of the sixth inning versus the San Francisco Giants, Peterson pleaded with the ball, “Get over, get over, f—!” as he realized he was destined for a groundout. After Giants infielder Pablo Sandoval flipped the ball to relief pitcher Rico Garcia for the out, Peterson belted out a second, much more emphatic “F—!” for good measure.

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver was an early proponent of utilizing a tape delay to protect the virgin ears of young fans.

“I think often players, they understand when they’re on the floor, they’re saying certain things to each other because it’s so loud in the arena, they know a lot of it is not being picked up,” he said earlier this month. “They may have to adapt their language a little bit knowing what they say will likely be picked up by microphones and in all seriousness, we may need to put a little bit of a delay.”

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